Release Notes v12.0 | May 4, 2021

Updates for the Customer, Product, and Ticket API

Customer API

The driver_license and the driver_license_expiration fields are now independent of each other. This change is meant to improve the ease of use while using the Update Customer endpoint. You can have either field empty while the other is populated without encountering any errors from the API.

Product API

It is now possible to add and remove product subtypes by using the Update Product endpoint. Partners can now remove a subtype by passing an empty string in the subtype field and can add a new subtype by including a valid subtype for a particular product type. Subtypes are not required for the following product types: BEVERAGE, PILL, TINCTURE, CARTRIDGE, MISC, EXTRACT, EDIBLE, TOPICAL, MERCH.

Ticket API

Orders will now include the external product ID regardless of the source of the order. Previously, orders generated through the API would exclude the external product ID.