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Welcome to the Treez ecosystem

Treez APIs are built to allow Partners to create functional applications and integrations, quickly and easily. The ecosystem of partners creating integrations with our APIs is strong and diverse, ranging from e-commerce to analytics to CRM platforms to in-store menus. By becoming an API partner, you will gain access to the most powerful operators of cannabis.

Get Started

To start building and testing your integration, you'll need to sign up as a partner with Treez. You can start that process by reaching out to [email protected]. An overview of the entire onboarding process can be found on out Partner with Us Page.

Once you're ready to take your product to market, we will need to certify your integration before we can start providing any production access API keys.


Interested in being an Integrated Partner with Treez? Contact: [email protected]

Need technical support? Contact: [email protected]

What’s Next

If you have API credentials for the SellTreez API, a great place to start is to understand how to use the Authorization API! If you are a Data API Partner, check out either the Retail Data API or Market Data API page depending on your access to get started.

If you still need credentials, no worries! Visit our Partner with Us page for more information on how to become a partner.

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