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Partners can find comprehensive guides and documentation to get started working with the Treez API endpoints. Partners will be granted access to the industry's top dispensaries through Treez premiere APIs. Please visit the Developer Portal and Documentation pages for more information!

If you are not an approved partner submit an email to [email protected] Reaching out to [email protected] will get partner started on the onboarding process. For a detailed overview of the onboarding process, please go to the Partner with Us page of Code Treez.

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Upcoming Change!

A cap will be applied to the Sellable_Quantity field in the Product API June 1, 2021. The cap has been set to 25. If it should change, Partners will be notified.

If a product has more units available for sale than the Sellable_Quantity cap, the cap value will be displayed (currently 25). The Sellable_Quantity field will show the true inventory level once the unit count drops below the cap.


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