Release Notes v13.0 | May 26, 2021

Updates for the Product & Ticket API

Product API

  • New fields have been added to the Product API: doses and mg_per_dose. For Arizona customers, additional Arizona-specific fields have been added to the Product API: strain_name, total_flower_weght_g, gross_weight_g, net_weight_g.

  • An issue with the above_threshold field has been resolved. When a partner uses this query parameter with the GET/ List of Products endpoint it will only return products that have more units than what is listed for the minimum_visible_inventory_level. Previous results when using the above_threshold query parameter were inconsistent with what products being returned in the response.

Ticket API

  • An intermittent issue with making payments through the Ticket API has been resolved. Partners will no longer see an error asking them to correct the amount paid on an order when the correct amount was already included in the request. Partners should now see consistent behavior from Treez when making payments through the Ticket API.

  • Data cleanup is on its way! A previous issue that was fixed in v12.1.0 prevented external_ID for products from being included in the order. We’ve gone back and included external_ID for products that were left off of orders because of this previous issue. In v13.0.0 of Treez, the missing external_id for products will be added to orders where they were excluded.