Release Notes v18.0.0 | December 13, 2021

Updates for the Customer API

Customer API

A fix is being released for the Customer API to prevent partners from entering duplicate customer information into Treez. When the configuration allow_customer_no_restriction is turned off in Treez, the Create Customer endpoint will now prevent partners from adding duplicate profiles. If the profile that is being created has either a phone number, drivers license, or email associated with it that already exists in Treez the profile will not be created and will return an error describing why.

A fix has been made to the Customer API. In a rare occurrence, when retrieving a customer record that has been merged over 100 times, the call would fail due to the large payload in the merged_customer_ids field. The merged_customer_ids field will now only return 100 of the most recent merged IDs.

Product API

The correct lab results are shown for products when using the Product API.