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How Can I use the Above Threshold Field

There is a new field available in the Product API that will assist partners with getting only products that have inventory available for sale! This will help relieve call volume and let partners update their menus faster than ever before. The “above_threshold” field tracks whether a product has more sellable inventory than the “minimum_visible_inventory_level”. The “minimum_visible_inventory_level” field indicates when a product should be hidden from the menu because it has dropped below a certain threshold that is set by the retailer in their eCommerce configurations. When the inventory count falls below “minimum_visible_inventory_level” the “above_threshold” will be marked as False for that product.

The best part of the “above_threshold” field is that it can be used as a query parameter in the GET List of Products endpoint. If you call the endpoint below you will only get products that have more sellable inventory than the “minimum_visible_inventory_level”:
This should drastically decrease the number of products you get back in the response and limit the products displayed to those with inventory available for sale. Using this field should cut down call volumes significantly and provide the inventory data faster than ever before.