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What's the Difference Between Updating Customers Compared to Updating Tickets and Products?

Updating the customer can be a tricky proposition for new partners. Unlike the Update Product and Ticket endpoints, the Update Customer endpoint actually uses a POST to update the customer. This means that when a customer profile needs to be updated in any way you need to include the entire profile in the request. Even if fields are not getting updated, they must be included in the request, otherwise they will be removed from the customer profile. It is imperative for any partner using the Update Customer endpoint to understand this nuance. Partners should be aware that there is a customer-facing log that can be used to see where customer profile edits originate from; all changes through the API can be traced back to the partner through this log.

The Update Product and Ticket API are more straightforward to work with compared to the Update Customer endpoint. Since both the update Product and Ticket endpoints use a PUT request, partners only have to pass the fields they want to update without worrying about removing other fields.