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What Resources are Available to Me as a Partner?


Treez has done its best to provide the necessary tools for partners to be able to build an integration without needing hands-on guidance from Treez. The key to using these resources is knowing how to access them. All Partners have access to the following:

  1. Code.treez.io - Home to all the documentation available for API information. Partners can find sample responses, parameter definitions, updates specific to the API, and our API Dev Portal that can make calls to your sandbox instance.

  2. Partnersandbox2.treez.io - The test environment that all partners are given access to when brought on as a partner. This is the environment that will be used to test your integration. We encourage all partners to add their own data to this site to become familiar with Treez UI.

  3. Treez Help Center - All of the training articles that customers have access to. This can be accessed after signing into partnersandbox2. The help center contains everything you need to become a master with Treez.

  4. [email protected] - API-specific support channel for our partners. Whenever you cannot answer a question through any of the other resources, Treez offers an API support team who will be there to help!