Treez API change 12/14/22: revenue_source becoming a required field

Changes to the Ticket API
The revenue_source parameter will become a required field for POST operations on the detailticket endpoint as of 12/14/22. After this date, POST operations that do not contain a value for detailticket will fail with a 400 status.

Affected Route:

What do I need to do?
If you are currently sending this parameter in POST calls to the detailticket endpoint, no action is necessary. If you are not sending this parameter in POST operations, please update your integration to populate this parameter prior to the deadline.

Once the value you wish to send for this parameter is determined, please do not change it. This parameter provides the ability for dispensaries to filter the Treez fulfillment board by revenue source and run reports by revenue source.

Information on the revenue_source parameter and Ticket endpoint can be found here: