Getting Started

Build a custom ecommerce experience on top of the industry-leading Treez POS

Treez Headless Ecommerce is the solution for any cannabis retailer who wants to build a custom ecommerce website that optimizes SEO and breaks free from cookie-cutter iFrame and marketplace ecommerce solutions.

Our headless ecommerce APIs are designed to offer seamless integration with your front-end tech stack, empowering you to create highly customized and unique shopping experiences, highlight your brand uniqueness, and drive conversions through optimized SEO. With the front-end UI removed, our headless REST APIs give you the freedom to innovate outside the confines of traditional eCommerce platforms. You will simplify and de-risk your technology stack, and prevent your valuable customer and sales data from being captured by third-party providers.

By directly exposing the unparalleled functionality of the Treez POS, our APIs allows you to interact with functionality such as product catalog, customer onboarding & account management, checkout, and much more. Their powerful capabilities simplify the integration of these functions within any front-end framework quickly and efficiently.

The headless ecommerce APIs offers faster speed-to-market for changes, allowing businesses to be more responsive to customer needs and market trends. It brings agility to operations, enabling you to introduce new user experiences or launch into new markets more quickly.


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If you are interested in building with Treez Headless APIs, start by following the instructions on the Partner with Us page.

Getting Started

Treez headless ecommerce API endpoints provide the functionality necessary to build a custom ecommerce experience.


Download the Treez Headless Ecommerce Postman collection

Site Operations

  • Load full site and all parameters, including custom colors, logos, and graphics that have been defined in the SellTreez admin tool. This is the first endpoint that gets called when a customer visits the site.

Login & Password endpoints:

  • Authenticate a user and provide session and refresh tokens
  • Forgot password flow to allow self-service reset

Customer endpoints:

  • Register a new customer by collecting the necessary details
  • Retrieve customer information, such as name, address, and contact details
  • Retrieve a customer's order history and details
  • Allow self service update of customer personal information such as address & email address

Menu endpoints:

  • Retrieve products by type
  • Filter, and sort products

Orders endpoints:

  • Verify purchase eligibility
  • Calculate cart totals
  • Place an order

Swifter ACH payment endpoints

  • Provides secure online ACH payment by leveraging API flow and the Swifter SDK