Use Swifter to expedite online payments via ACH

Swifter (Powered by Treez) creates a secure, hosted payment page that lets you quickly collect ACH payments for online purchases. It works across devices, can help increase your conversion, and makes it easy to build a first-class payment experience.

  • Designed to remove friction—Real-time customer authentication with built-in error messaging
  • Customization and branding—Customizable logo and brand title
  • Fraud and compliance—Simplified NACHA compliance, and CAPTCHAs to mitigate attacks
  • Additional features—Add tips, 1-click checkout experience, send email receipts, and more

Follow these steps to get started with the ACH payment integration with your Headless E-commerce APIs from Treez.

  1. Get access to a Swifter account - fill this form or contact support to get an account.
  2. Log into the Swifter Dashboard and generate the API keys. These are needed to generate the token for authenticated requests.
  3. Use these keys and integrate with the Treez instance that you will be using.
  4. Create a Treez Draft Order at the point where the customer is trying to checkout. A draft order reserves inventory and applies toward the customer's purchase limit.
  5. Create a Session whenever the customer intends to pay online after creating the draft order. This session ID will be used to initialize the Swifter payment SDK, to collect the payment authorization from the consumer.
  6. If the authorization process is successful, you will receive a successful payment response from the SDK. Once the payment is successfully authorized, you will have to create a Swifter Order and you will receive a Swifter Order ID as the response.
  7. Use this Swifter Order ID to process the draft order.

This should complete your authorization process and will create an Order in the fulfillment dashboard with Payment Status as “Authorized”. The rest of the capture flow is taken care of by the Treez POS when a budtender completes the order processing.