Customer APIs


Changes to the imageList Array

A new query parameter is being added to the Customer API on Tuesday, August 17th. When the include_image_list query parameter is marked as TRUE the response of the Customer API will include a customer’s images. If that query parameter is marked as FALSE or not included in the request, Treez will not provide the image_list array in the response. This change is meant to improve the stability of the Customer API and provide additional flexibility for our partners.


The Customer API makes it easy to create and update customers in Treez. Our API endpoint also allows you to search for customers based on information from their profile (i.e., customer id, name, email, driver's license, phone, signup date, or the ‘last updated’ timestamp). Furthermore, the Customer API has the ability to upload documents related to a customer's profile into Treez.

Here is a postman collection you can use to start making calls to the Customer API.


In order to access the Customer API, please use the client_id and API key provided to your organization to generate an access_token with the Authorization API.


  • The Customer APIs does not have a PUT API to update customer information as an option. You can however use a POST request to update the customer information in a profile. All information must be included in the POST while updating a customer or that information will be removed from their profile.
  • The Customer API doesn’t support discounts applicable to a particular customer group.
  • The Customer API does not contain information about purchase limits - that information can be sourced from the Create Ticket API or the Preview Ticket API.
  • The Customer API can’t provide the age of a customer. However, you can see their birth date and year.
  • API response limit is 50 per request call.
  • RateLimit is 10TPS per Treez location.