Authorization API


The Authorization API generates access tokens that are used to access the SellTreez APIs. In order to get a fresh access token, a valid client ID and API key need to be used in the call to the Authorization API. If either credential is not valid, the call will fail and no access token will be provided.

Here is a postman collection you can use to start making calls to the Authorization API.

Client IDs and API Keys

In order to set up new integrations with clients, all partners should be familiar with exactly how client IDs work.

  • Client IDs- are assigned to a partner when they are onboarded. This client ID will not change and will be used to access all sandbox and production environments. Under no circumstances should a client ID be shared outside of the partners organization.
  • API Keys- a unique key will need to be generated for each Treez retail location a partner wants to integrate with. We can not generate production API keys for partners who have not completed the entire onboarding process, including certification. Please check the Partner with Us page for an overview of the onboarding process. If you are an integrated partner with Treez, please review this document for instruction to provide to our mutual clients while requesting a production API key.

Please Note...

To become a certified partner with Treez, we require all partners to use our Authorization API in an optimized and efficient manner. Access tokens are valid for 2 hours and partners only need to call the authorization API when their current access token expires or shortly before. If the authorization API is not being utilized properly, Treez will not certify the integration and grant partner access.