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Is there a list of possible cannabinoids that may be returned with lab results?

I need to standardized the cannabinoid formatting of lab results, and to do that I need to know what the possible return values for result_type are.

How Do I Prevent Adding Duplicate Profiles in Treez?

When adding new customer profiles into Treez, it’s important that partners perform checks to prevent adding any duplicate profiles. Creating multiple profiles for the same customer in Treez clutters the store's data and provides a less than ideal experience for our mutual clients and their customers. For example, duplicate profiles can cause the customer not to receive the discounts that they should. That’s why Treez has provided multiple endpoints for partners to utilize when looking for existing customer profiles. See below for all of the available endpoints: GET/ Customer by Driver License: https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/dispensary_name/customer/driverlicense/license GET/ Customer by Phone: https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/dispensary_name/customer/phone/phone GET/ Customer by Email: https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/dispensary_name/customer/email/email GET/ Customer by First and Last Name: https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/dispensary_name/customer/firstname/first_name/lastname/last_name Treez provides endpoints based on the common information that our partners obtain through their app during sign-up. Suppose a partner is unable to locate a customer based on their first request. In that case, we suggest an iterative approach to search for the profile by other data fields (and their respective endpoints) that have been obtained from the customer. If partners are still unable to locate a matching customer, they should create a new account for the customer.

How do I find all the banned patients in our system?

I'm trying to update our black list for the dispensary but cannot discover a way to filter our patients so I can find the banned members. Any advice would be great!