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What Discounts Can I use as a Partner?

When creating tickets through the Ticket API, it is essential for partners to understand how discounts work with the API. There are three discounts types to be familiar with while working with the API: automatic discounts, POS discounts, and price adjustments. They each have their own behavior and partners need to know how to use each one. Please read this article to better understand the Treez discount module and what discounts are available to our mutual customers: All About: Discounts. 1.Automatic Discounts Automatic discounts are created through the Discount module in Treez and can only be applied to a ticket when the customer and/or items in the order qualify for a discount. There are no API endpoints available that allow partners to edit or manually apply these discounts to an order. Partners do have the ability to control whether an automatic discount is applied to an item in an order through the "apply_automatic_discounts" field. When set to False it will prevent automatic discounts from applying to the item. This field is contained in the item array so this field must be marked as False for every product on a ticket if the entire order is to be excluded. 2.POS Discounts POS Discounts can be applied by partners through the Ticket API. POS discounts are equivalent to Cashier Discounts that are available in the Treez User Interface. There is a key difference between the functionality available in the API compared to the UI: POS discounts cannot be applied at the Cart level via the API, they can only be applied to individual line items of an order. Below is the accepted format for the POS Discount array: "POS_discounts": [ { "id": null, "discount_title": "test", "discount_amount": 5.0, "discount_method": "DOLLAR", "cart": false } ], Within this array you can define the name of the discount, the amount, and whether it is a percentage or dollar amount discount. The name field is completely customizable and will appear in reporting, so use a consistent naming convention with these discounts for clarity. Tip: You can accomplish a cart-level discount through your integration by distributing the desired discount amount across all items of the order. 3.Price Adjustments Custom price adjustments is another discount feature that partners can use through the API. Like POS discounts, price adjustments can only be applied at the item level, not the cart level. Depending on whether a Treez instance is configured for pre-tax or post-tax pricing determines how the custom price adjustments will behave. If the instance is configured as pre-tax, a price adjustment will impact the subtotal of the item, reducing it to the price listed as the adjustment. Then, taxes are applied to the subtotal to get to the actual total of the order. When a Treez instance is configured for post-tax, custom price adjustments set the total price of the product after taxes. So, if you set the price to $10 for a product in a post-tax environment, the total amount for that sale will be $10 and the subtotal will be adjusted so the subtotal+tax is equal to the price adjustment of $10.