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Merged Customers and Related behavior with the Customer API and Webhooks

Treez has updated the way merged customers are displayed through our API, enabling Partners and operators to better track merged profiles. When using GET/ Customer endpoints, the resulting post-merge account will be the primary and have a value called MERGED_CUSTOMER_IDS associated with it. This field will display all profile IDs that have been merged into the resulting account and will have a STATUS listed as 'MERGED'. On top of that, a note will be added into the NOTES field that details the time and date of when the merge occurred. When using the GET/ Customer endpoints with merged and deactivated profiles you'll see similar behavior as with an active profile. The STATUS for a merged and deactivated account will be listed as 'DEACTIVATED' and associated with a new field called MERGED_INTO_CUSTOMER_ID which will display the member ID that profile was merged into The changes to our APIs for Merged profiles also carries over to our Update Customer API. When you attempt to use the Update Customer API with an account that has been merged and deactivated the request will fail and Treez will return an error message that will include the Member ID for MERGED_INTO_CUSTOMER_ID (i.e. the resulting customer profile). There is also a new event that will trigger our customer webhooks. Whenever two accounts have been merged in Treez you'll receive separate payloads for both the surviving profile and the merged/deactivated profile. The payloads will include the values MERGED_INTO_CUSTOMER_ID and MERGED_CUSTOMER_IDS.