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How to I view Products in Specific Inventory Location?

If you would like to view only products that reside in a specific inventory location with Treez, you can use the sellable_quantity_in_location filter. https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/DISPENSARYNAME/product/product_list?sellable_quantity_in_location=CABINET 1&page=1&pagesize=50 The above example URI would provide first 50 (page=1 and pagesize =50) sellable products in a location called "CABINET 1". The location name is case sensitive and must be entered EXACTLY as it appears in the Treez instance. "cabinet 1" would not produce the desired response because the location name is in all lowercase letters while the location name in the Treez instance is capitalized. *Please note that DISPENSARYNAME should be replaced with the first part of the dispensaries Treez URL. Example: If the retailers Treez URL is edmundsdispensary.treez.io then you should replace DISPENSARYNAME with edmundsdispensary

Is there a pricing tier list/details endpoint?

For the product response you have a 'pricing' attribute which is an object with keys of 'price_type', 'price_sell', and 'tier_name'. Some products have a pricing object with `price_type` of `TIER` (from your example response): "pricing": { "price_type": "TIER", "price_sell": null, "tier_name": "40" } Is there a means of getting the actual price or tier information in those instances?

API Response Limit

Is it possible to increase the API response limit from 50 to a higher number?

How do I get a client ID?

In order to received a client_id to access the Sell Treez APIs, you must be an Authorized Integration Partner. To begin the process of becoming an Authorized Integration Partner with Treez, please follow the steps outlined on our "Partner with Us" page (https://code.treez.io/page/partner-with-us). Once you have executed the mNDA and API Usage agreement out Business Development department will alert tour API Support team who will reach out with: 1. Your client_id (Used to access Production and Sandbox environments) 2. Your Sandbox API Key (Used inconjunct ion with your client_id to access the sandbox environment) 3. Sandbox Login credentials

What is the Sellable_Quantity Cap?


Product Cost

Do any of the API's support COGS detail? On the Products Report_Product Summary report there are two fields: Cost Without Excise and Cost With Excise, I'm assuming these are COGS related. However, I don't see this kind of product cost information in the Treez API's.

How Do I Prevent Adding Duplicate Profiles in Treez?

When adding new customer profiles into Treez, it’s important that partners perform checks to prevent adding any duplicate profiles. Creating multiple profiles for the same customer in Treez clutters the store's data and provides a less than ideal experience for our mutual clients and their customers. For example, duplicate profiles can cause the customer not to receive the discounts that they should. That’s why Treez has provided multiple endpoints for partners to utilize when looking for existing customer profiles. See below for all of the available endpoints: GET/ Customer by Driver License: https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/dispensary_name/customer/driverlicense/license GET/ Customer by Phone: https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/dispensary_name/customer/phone/phone GET/ Customer by Email: https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/dispensary_name/customer/email/email GET/ Customer by First and Last Name: https://api.treez.io/v2.0/dispensary/dispensary_name/customer/firstname/first_name/lastname/last_name Treez provides endpoints based on the common information that our partners obtain through their app during sign-up. Suppose a partner is unable to locate a customer based on their first request. In that case, we suggest an iterative approach to search for the profile by other data fields (and their respective endpoints) that have been obtained from the customer. If partners are still unable to locate a matching customer, they should create a new account for the customer.

How to determine a customers verification status?

When calling the Sell Treez Customer API (https://code.treez.io/docs/customer-apis), a value called verification_status will be returned. This indicates the customers current verification status within Treez. Additionally, a verification_reasons field will follow the verification_status. If the value for this field is "VERIFIED", the customers documentation on file has been verified by the retail staff. New tickets submitted through the Ticket API should be placed in the "Awaiting Processing" Ticket status. The verification_status for a VERIFIED customer will be empty. If the value is "VERIFCATION_PENDING", the customers documentation has not been verified by the retail staff or otherwise needs to be reviewed. This usually indicates the profile was recently created, the drivers_license_expiration date has passed or the permit_expiration date has passed. New tickets submitted through the Ticket API should be placed in the "Verification Pending" Ticket status. The verification_status for a VERIFIED_PENDING customer will detail why the customers needs to be verified.

Merged Customers and Related behavior with the Customer API and Webhooks

Treez has updated the way merged customers are displayed through our API, enabling Partners and operators to better track merged profiles. When using GET/ Customer endpoints, the resulting post-merge account will be the primary and have a value called MERGED_CUSTOMER_IDS associated with it. This field will display all profile IDs that have been merged into the resulting account and will have a STATUS listed as 'MERGED'. On top of that, a note will be added into the NOTES field that details the time and date of when the merge occurred. When using the GET/ Customer endpoints with merged and deactivated profiles you'll see similar behavior as with an active profile. The STATUS for a merged and deactivated account will be listed as 'DEACTIVATED' and associated with a new field called MERGED_INTO_CUSTOMER_ID which will display the member ID that profile was merged into The changes to our APIs for Merged profiles also carries over to our Update Customer API. When you attempt to use the Update Customer API with an account that has been merged and deactivated the request will fail and Treez will return an error message that will include the Member ID for MERGED_INTO_CUSTOMER_ID (i.e. the resulting customer profile). There is also a new event that will trigger our customer webhooks. Whenever two accounts have been merged in Treez you'll receive separate payloads for both the surviving profile and the merged/deactivated profile. The payloads will include the values MERGED_INTO_CUSTOMER_ID and MERGED_CUSTOMER_IDS.

What Resources are Available to Me as a Partner?

Treez has done its best to provide the necessary tools for partners to be able to build an integration without needing hands-on guidance from Treez. The key to using these resources is knowing how to access them. All Partners have access to the following: 1. Code.treez.io - Home to all the documentation available for API information. Partners can find sample responses, parameter definitions, updates specific to the API, and our API Dev Portal that can make calls to your sandbox instance. 2. Partnersandbox2.treez.io - The test environment that all partners are given access to when brought on as a partner. This is the environment that will be used to test your integration. We encourage all partners to add their own data to this site to become familiar with Treez UI. 3. Treez Help Center - All of the training articles that customers have access to. This can be accessed after signing into partnersandbox2. The help center contains everything you need to become a master with Treez. 4. [email protected] - API-specific support channel for our partners. Whenever you cannot answer a question through any of the other resources, Treez offers an API support team who will be there to help!