FAQ - Product API

Do you make changes to the Product API

We retain the right to make various changes to the Product API to account for updates and improvements made to the Treez services we provide.

What are your available endpoints?

  • GET - all products
  • GET - Products by last last_updated_at
  • GET - Product details by id
  • GET - List of product_fields and related details per category
  • POST - Create a new product
  • POST - Upload an Image to a Product
  • PUT - Update an existing product

Check Out the Developer's Portal to test our various available endpoints

How can I get all products that are available for sale?

Treez has added a query parameter that our partners can access while using the GET/ all products endpoint. When setting the endpoint up if you add above_threshold=TRUE to the call, it will only list products that have a higher sellable inventory count than what was listed for their minimum_visible_inventory_level field. Check out this recipe for the GET/all products endpoint to understand how to set up your endpoint.

What fields are required when creating a product?

Required fields can vary by product type. You can fetch the latest information before creating a product by using the following endpoint: GET/Product fields by Category Type.

How does tier_pricing work?

Pricing tiers are either unit based or weight based and can reduce the price per unit when certain thresholds are met. Typically, the more the customer purchases, the lower the price per unit is. The unit and weight thresholds are fully customizable in the Treez Portal.

Where are the potency values like THC or CBD percent?

Lab results are displayed under the lab_results array. The lab results will start displaying if that information has been added to the inventory card associated with the product.

Since it is possible to have multiple batches of a product with different lab results/testing data, we provide a range of lab results when there are multiple lab results provided for a product that is all available for sale.

Does the Product API display the real quantity? When the sale happens does the quantity change?

The datapoint sellable_quantity is capped at 30 units. When a product has more than a total of more than 30 units available for sale it will not display the true unit count but instead, only show 30. The sellable_quantity amount will start displaying the true value of a product once the unit count is below 30

How can we upload the product image via API?

It is possible for partners to upload new product images. Check out the Developer's Portal to learn how to use this endpoint and test it.