FAQ - Webhooks

What are webhooks?

Treez APIs will notify you on the subscribed URL when updates to Products, Customers, and Tickets are made. This is great for partners because you don't always have to call one of our APIs to get the data you need. Let Treez tell you what happened!

How does that work?

Take a look at our Subscribing to Webhooks and Testing Webhooks pages and they can give you a better idea of what webhooks do and how to set them up and test them.

What Triggers a Webhook?

  • Product Webhook
    • On Creation
    • Updating
    • Deactivating
  • Customer Webhook
    • On Creation
    • Any updates on the customer profile.
  • Ticket Webhook
    • On Creation
    • Item editing
    • Status update
      • Not triggered by canceling or deleting a ticket.
    • On Completion
  • Ticket Status Webhook
    • Changes in an order_status
      • This includes forward and backwards progression through fulfillment and when tickets are COMPLETED, CANCELED, or in DRAFT.