FAQ - Ticket API

What endpoints are available with the Ticket API?

  • GET - Details by Ticket_id
  • GET - Details by OrderNumber
  • GET - Details by OrderStatus
  • GET - Filter Tickets by Customer_id
  • GET - Filter Tickets by CreatedDate
  • GET - Filter Tickets by ClosedDate
  • Get - Tickets by LastUpdated
  • PUT - Update Existing Ticket
  • POST - Create Order Ticket
  • POST - See Ticket/Order Preview

Visit the Developer's portal to test these endpoints!

Can you send a sample request or response?

Sample responses from the Ticket API can be found here in the Sample Response page under the Ticket API section of the Documentation page.

Where can I see the ticket created via ticket API?

If you are looking to find orders placed through the API in Treez's UI the best place to start is the Fulfillment Page. Depending on the type of order placed, the filters/configurations for the Fulfillment page may need to be adjusted.

You can also look at open tickets created via the Tickets API by visiting the Sell Treez Module (Retail > Sell Treez > Current Sale > Saved Sales).

How does the ticket get completed or processed?

Once a ticket is created, the Tickets can be completed in Sell Treez via the Fulfillment Dashboard.

Tickets can also be completed via the API using PUT/ Update Existing Ticket can only be completed once they have been paid either through SellTreez POS or the API. In order to complete tickets, use the Update Customer API endpoint.

Are payments not getting processed on ticket creation?

Payments cannot be included in the same request as ticket creation. You must first create a ticket using the Create Order endpoint and then update the ticket with the payment using the Update Existing Ticket Endpoint in a second call.

Once the ticket has been paid it will no longer be possible to make any edit the order.

Why does the Ticket preview ‘total’ vary from the actual ‘total’ of the ticket created?

The ticket preview API may show a different total sometimes. The reason for this is the total tax difference. Different inventory batches may have different taxes applied to them. There could be a time difference between when you previewed the order and when you submitted the order and the reserved inventory. The batch you previewed the order total from may have been sold out and the order might have pulled inventory from a different batch, potentially having different taxes.

Take a look at our Parameters Explained section for more information.

Can Purchase Limits be calculated on ticket completion rather than creation?

No, purchase limits are calculated at the time of ticket creation. In order to help keep our mutual clients compliant, any customer who has or will exceed their purchase limits with an order will not be able to place an order through the Ticket API.

What are the available options for Ticket Status and What do they mean?

  • VERIFICATION_PENDING - When the customers submitted documentation requires review or is a new sign up
  • AWAITING_PROCESSING - When a customer has already been verified but the staff has not yet begun processing the ticket
  • IN_PROCESS - When the Retail staff have begun processing the order but have not completed processing
  • PACKED_READY - When the Retail staff have completed processing the order and it is ready to be picked up by the customer or sent out for delivery
  • OUT_FOR_DELIVERY - When the order has been picked up by the driver and has left the facility for delivery
  • COMPLETED - When the order is completed and paid
  • CANCELED - When the order is canceled by the customer or store

What is verification_pending status and when should it be used?

Verification pending status should be used when verification of the customer’s supplied documentation is required. Most commonly, this is used when a customer submits their Identification, MMID or Medical Recommendation for the first time, requiring the Dispensary Partners staff to review the submitted documentation to ensure it is sufficient and compliant.

Does the API response include tax information?

Yes, the ticket API response does include tax related information. There is a separate section in the response called “tax” that breaks out the taxes applied to the ticket.

There is a data point called “tax_total” that sums up the total of all taxes applied to a ticket. A sample response can be found here.

Can we add a fee while creating a ticket?

No, the fee data point is a read only field and partners do not have the ability to apply their own fee through that field.

Can we add promotions while creating a ticket?

Promotions are available through the ticket API. Specifically, POS discounts can be applied by the partner in the API. These POS discounts can only be applied at the ticket line level of an order and not as a cart discount. It is also possible to allow automatic discounts to be applied to an item on an order.

Can we upload the image from the ticket API?

No, documents and images cannot be uploaded to a ticket.

The API is not working.

Here are some quick troubleshooting steps that can be done to see if you can get the API working

  • Verify that the API Key and Client_ID are accurate
    • You can do this by making a request to the authorization API and getting a valid access token.
  • Ensure that the correct Dispensary Name is entered in the endpoint
  • Try using the developer's portal if you cannot build a successful API call. The developer's portal will guide a partner on how exactly to make their requests through the API.
  • If you're still having issues making a call send a curl command of the call your making to [email protected] for assistance

Are partial payments possible through the API?

Partial payments of an order are not possible through the API.