FAQ - General

Can we increase the response limit?

No. The response limit is in place as a safety precaution to prevent API calls from overloading the server, resulting in an outage.

What is the rate limit? Can it be increased?

Products, Tickets, and the Customer API all have a rate limit of 10 TPS (Transactions Per Second) per (dispensary) location. A "429 - OVER LIMIT" error will be returned when the TPS limit is exceeded.

We are not currently increasing rate limits but we’d be glad to hear why you need a higher rate limit.

Is the Rate Limit shared across the instances?

No. The rate limit is 10 TPS per (dispensary) location.

What's the best way to handle rate limiting?

Treez recommendations for accommodating rate limiting:

  • Include 250 - 500 millisecond pause between rapidly successive calls
  • Add logic to watch for 429 responses and incorporate a pause/retry function

Is a client_id necessary?

Yes. A client_id is unique to each Integration Partner and is required for authentication in both test and production environments.

Can you please create/share my client_id?

If the proposed Integration Partner has not registered as an Authorized Partner, they will need to email [email protected] in order to begin the partner registration process. Once registered, the client_id will be provided to you. If you have misplaced your client_id, please contact [email protected]. We cannot share client_ids with Dispensary Partners. For security purposes, this information can only be shared directly with the Integration Partner.

Can you please share my API key?

We must have written consent from a Management-level user of the Dispensary organization. We must also have a signed MNDA on file with the requested Integration Partner. If the proposed Integration Partner doesn't currently have an MNDA on file, they will need to email [email protected] in order to begin the partner registration process. We cannot share an API Key with an Integration Partner directly without explicit written consent from the Dispensary Partner.

Why is the API response from one instance different from the API response of another instance?

This could be due to the Dispensary Partners being on different versions of Treez. The largest differences in the API capabilities will be noticed between our V1 and V2 Treez Platforms. You can verify the instance version by visiting: https://.treez.io/portalDispensary/about.php

Different versions have different data points available.

We are constantly enhancing our Treez Dispensary Portal (POS) and the associated APIs. Please expect additional data points to be available in future releases of the API. For Example. Tier_pricing was introduced in v2.5.3 and product lab results will be introduced in v2.7.0.

Can you notify us before the release?

You can keep up-to-date by reviewing our Change Log https://code.treez.io/changelog.
Partnersandbox2.treez.io will be available for testing once a new version is released.

How do I see which version of Treez a particular instance is on?

You can utilize the following URL to figure out which version the Dispensary Partner is actively on - https://{dispensary_name}.treez.io/portalDispensary/about.php.