Customer Webhooks

Triggering Events

Below are the following events that trigger Customer's webhooks -

  • On Creation
  • Any update on the customer profile
  • Two accounts being merged

Sample Content of the Sent Request

Customer Events

  "event_type": "CUSTOMER",
  "data": {
    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "verification_status": "VERIFIED",
    "verification_reasons": [],
    "customer_id": "3075",
    "first_name": "ZACHARY",
    "middle_name": null,
    "nickname": "",
    "last_name": "SPELTZ",
    "birthday": "1993-12-15",
    "drivers_license": "N/A",
    "drivers_license_expiration": "2024-09-12",
    "state_medical_id": "N/A",
    "permit_expiration": "N/A",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": "5103864724",
    "notes": "N/A",
    "physician_first_name": null,
    "physician_last_name": null,
    "physician_license": null,
    "physician_address": null,
    "physician_phone": null,
    "is_caregiver": false,
    "caregiver_license_number": "",
    "caregiver_name_1": "N/A",
    "caregiver_name_2": "N/A",
    "caregiver_details": [],
    "rewards_balance": 873,
    "rewards_type": "POINTS",
    "gender": "U",
    "signup_date": "2020-01-29T17:54:39.000-08:00",
    "last_visit_date": "2022-02-25 11:32:55.646",
    "last_update": "2022-05-31T16:21:07.000-07:00",
    "opt_out": "true",
    "referral_source": "Facebook",
    "banned": false,
    "warning_1": false,
    "warning_2": false,
    "addresses": [
        "type": "address_of_record",
        "street1": "",
        "street2": "",
        "city": "",
        "state": "CA",
        "zipcode": "0",
        "primary": true
    "merged_customer_ids": [],
    "merged_into_customer_id": null,
    "patient_type": "ADULT",
    "customer_groups": []

What’s Next

Check the Parameters Explained page for the Customer API for the definition of each available field.

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