Subscribing to Webhooks

Treez Webhooks

Treez Webhooks can notify a partner when updates happen to:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Tickets
  • Ticket Status

These various webhooks allow partners to get messages (callbacks), in real-time, whenever something related to respective aspects is created or modified. Let Treez call you!

Creating API Webhooks for Third-Party Partners

Step 1:

Navigate to Configurations > Config Page > Integration. Scroll down to ‘Webhook Integration’ and click v to expand the section.

Note: If you don’t see ‘Webhook Integration’, contact customer [email protected] to have it enabled.

Step 2:

Click + Add Client and fill out the fields.

Name: Choose a unique name to identify this partner.
Endpoint URL: Enter the endpoint URL provided by the partner.
Notifications: Select the API(s) you want to create the webhook for (you can select more than 1).

Step 3:

Click Test to confirm the endpoint URL is able to send and receive messages.

Test Passed: The URL is capable of sending/receiving messages.
Test Fail: The URL can’t send/receive messages. Check that it's entered correctly and try again. If you still don't pass, check with your partner that the URL is correct.

Step 4:

If the test passes, click Save to create the webhook. Now whenever something related to the respective aspects is created or modified you'll get a message at the endpoint URL.

Sample Content of the Sent Request

Test Event

{ "root":
    "event_type": "CUSTOMER",   (can also be "PRODUCT" or "TICKET")
    "data": { <specific information about object is here>}