Available Endpoints

Here is a postman collection you can use to start making calls to the Market Data API.

Endpoint NamesEndpointEndpoint Description
Authorization APIhttps://api.domo.com/oauth/token?grant_type=client_credentials&scope=dataThe Authorization API is necessary to use whenever you need to call the Retail Data API. Once a successful call is made the it will return an access token that is valid for a limited amount of time. A valid access token is necessary with every call made to the Retail Data API.
Available Datasets tableshttps://api.domo.com/v1/datasets Using this endpoint with a valid access point will list all of the data sets that are available to you.
Market Data APIhttps://api.domo.com/v1/datasets/query/execute/[Dataset_IDs]

Market Dataset Table:
The Market Data API allows predominantly brands to access anonymized store data that has been allowed to be shared with them.
Inventory Feed Table.https://api.domo.com/v1/datasets/query/execute/[Dataset_IDs]

Inventory Dataset Table
The inventory feed table stores inventory levels for products a store is currently carrying.