Discounts Table

The discount dataset displays every discount that may apply to a ticketline. There could be more than 1 discount applied to a single ticketline and therefore the relationship between discount to ticketline is n:1.

Dataset ID: 2c3447b2-0ab9-4c46-94eb-3f35f46f3a1c

Unique Composite Key(s): storeid, ticketlineid, discountlogid

Datetime Dataset Last Updated: last_retrieved_timestamp

Column NameDefinitionExample Output
tz_brandnameBrand NameLOST FARM
tz_brand_idID associated with Brand Name445
customer_uuidHashed customer id0005da4c-1b99-3c8e-9d98-5c12a883c071
discount_dateDate–Time the discount was applied2021-03-03T19:53:56
dateopenDate that the ticket was created03/03/2021
timeopenTime that the ticket was created18:38:43
dateclosedDate that the ticket was closed03/03/2021
timeclosedTime that the ticket was closed19:53:56
datetimeclosedDate–Time that ticket was closed2021-03-03T19:53:56
datelastupdateDate that ticket was last updated03/03/2021
timelastupdateTime that ticket was last updated19:53:56
ticketalphaidVisible ticket number that is printed on the receiptMQOFRG
ticketlineidID associated with ticket line, can be used to join to ticket tableb4083885-c5bb-4201-8cba-c45c59d73053
ticketidID associated with ticket, can be used to reference tickets within the ticket table1a840dc1-eb3f-4932-8ed1-323a1d505ed4
genderOptional - genderF
customer_cityOptional - citySANTA MONICA
customer_stateOptional - stateCA
customer_countryOptional - countryUSA
CashierCashier name that applied the discountJOHN
cashieridID associated with cashier3936952f-5185-4f0e-bde9-0f2b801fcae7
producttypeProduct CategoryFLOWER
productsubtypeProduct Sub CategoryPREPACK
productnameProduct NameALIEN OG
priceperunitUnit price of product45.00
salestaxSales tax amount0.00
discounttypeTypes of discounts:
0 = Automatic from Discount Module
1 = Custom/Manual
2 = Rewards
3 = Tier Pricing Discount
4 = Round Down
5 = Other
discountmethodPERCENT or DOLLAR discountPERCENT
discountreasonOptional - if a reason was provided for a custom discountFIRST TIME
discountsActual discount amount15.25
discountidID associated with this discount row87aae755-e594-4154-9db3-728b7670e6ed
discountlogidLog ID associated with applying this discounte053c563-997f-4b3e-bd23-820fd067eb32
customertypeType of customerMEDICAL-MMID
customergroupOptional - group that this customer was part ofSENIOR
weightUnit amount of product2
unitofmeasureUnit of measure for weightGRAMS
discounttitleTitle of automated or custom discount20% OFF
skusInventory or product barcode associated with productF3o
receiving_licenseOptional - license of retailerC10-0000000-LIC
customer_mmid_expirationOptional - Date/time of mmid expiration2021-07-19 00:00:00
priceperunitafterdiscountPrice per unit of product, post discount52.82
quantityQuantity of products that is being discounted1.00
priceperunitdifferenceDifference of price per unit, pre and post discount4.68
netsalesTotal net sales of ticketline35.10
storeidID of Store1
distributorDistributor name of productCURA
sizeProduct Size1G
productbrandUncleansed brand nameSELECT
product_idID of product0c5f893f-b359-4483-ac69-b8d00eed86ea
datalake_dateDate that a store was added to the datalake2021-05-20
merged_product_idselltreez product_id that product has been merged with. This will show up on future records following merger.82350326-71bc-490b-96a2-144114f0899b
master_product_idselltreez product_id that product has been merged with. This merged product_id is propagated back into past records before merger.14cbb4a7-58af-4a7d-81ec-72f56a27f67d
masked_cashierEncrypted cashier ID53a720cb5f901170242f33c70a4eb33d
report_last_updatedDate the report last updated2020-10-19 14:06:31
costCost of product12.70
cost_without_exciseCost of product, without excise tax10
last_retrieved_timestampthe Date–Time we last retrieved data from SellTreez2021-06-09T14:18:30
approverCashier Approvertoby