Inventory Adjustment Log Table

The inventory adjustment log displays a chronological list of any actions that involve inventory movements within your shop. This includes moving inventory from Back of House to Front of House, destroying inventory, adjusting inventory, selling or returning inventory, and more.

Dataset ID: 4abae034-8240-4595-85c7-17a8f5398d42

Unique Composite Key(s): id, storeid

Datetime Dataset Last Updated: last_retrieved_timestamp

Incremental Load Logic: Use the column adjustment_datetime as data appends per new inventory adjustment action

Pull Previous Day - Data-Raw Append Example:

{"sql": "SELECT * FROM table WHERE date(adjustment_datetime) = date(date_add(now(), INTERVAL -1 day)) "}

Pull Previous Successful Update: Data-Raw Append Example:

{"sql": "SELECT * FROM table WHERE date(adjustment_datetime) >= $stored_last_update_datetime"}
  • stored_last_update_datetime is your stored datetime for last successful data pull

TIP: As a best practice, we recommend that you save the timestamp for each of your dataset pulls as 'stored_last_update_datetime'. Note that this value is not saved in our datasets, but is a suggestion.

Column NameDefinitionExample Output
adjustment_datetimeDate–Time that inventory adjustment was made2020-07-21T20:07:10
product_brandBrand Name of productCHOICE
product_nameProduct NameLEMON SWIRL
product_typeProduct CategoryFLOWER
product_subtypeProduct Sub CategoryPRE-PACK
product_idID of productf0880425-b44f-4131-9b9d-49f0efea4e6a
package_idID of inventory batch8f2ea4a4-087f-4cfd-b6fd-7ee3c82095b8
state_tracking_idVisible ID of state traceability1A405010000A475000000005
batch_idVisible ID of internal inventory batch47GRO
actionAction of adjustmentMOVE
reasonOptional - reason of inventory adjustmentCounts Match
original_qtyOriginal quantity before adjustment24
adjustment_qtyAdjusted quantity-24
current_qtyCurrent quantity after adjustment0
adjustment_post_excise_costAdjustment of inventory in cost, post-excise-284.58
adjustment_pre_excise_costAdjustment of inventory in cost, pre-excise-284.58
adjustment_excise_costAdjustment of inventory in excise tax-85
adjustment_userUser ID of the one performing the adjustmentJOHN
location_nameInventory location name at time of adjustmentFRONT OF HOUSE
inventory_idID of inventory batch, can be used to join to inventory tableb47abc95-1aa9-4b0b-93dd-af88be7d3791
invoice_line_idID of invoice line, can be used to join to invoice table2a3209a6-adfc-4cad-bd5b-9adf00868610
credit_note_idID of credit note, if applicable0b0ca1da-7e95-4345-befe-374da7eedd0c
idUnique ID of rowb47abc95-1aa9-4b0b-93dd-af88be7d3791
revRevision number415422
revendThe next revision number513683
revtypeAn int representing the operation that changed the row1
merged_product_idselltreez product_id that product has been merged with. This will show up on future records following merger.110926a7-41d7-4341-a4c1-17246d3218ed
datalake_dateDate a Store was added to the data lake.2021-03-24
storeidID of Store1
retail_brandBrand Name of ProductCHOICE
last_retrieved_timestampthe Date–Time we last retrieved data from SellTreez2021-06-09T14:18:30