Inventory Feed Table

Unique Composite Key(s): storeid, product_id

Datetime Dataset Last Updated: last_retrieved_timestamp

Column NameDefinitionExample Output
tz_brandnameBrand NameRAW GARDEN
productnameProduct NameCLOUD WALKER #7 500MG
producttypeProduct TypeCARTRIDGE
storenameDispensary NameSevenstars
SizeProduct Size.5G
classABC grouping used to assign a historical sales value. A for high value products, B for medium value products, and C for low value Products.A
xyzXYZ grouping used to assign product demand. X for high demand products, Y for medium demand but strong variability, and Z for irregular demand.X
product_idProduct IDc334c0ad-b318-405e-82ff-3ae3d034acdb
days_out_of_stockNumber of Days out of stock0
sku_returnNumber of Skus Returned0
storeidUnique Store ID70
Average_sku_percentAverage Percent of All Sales.014265
Average_post_tax_priceunitAverage Post Tax Price61.368625
dateclosedDay Sales took place2021-04-12
last_retrieved_timestampThis timestamp indicates when we last refreshed the dataset for your inventory levels. Please note this data is not real time, and your data is as of max(last_retrieved_timestamp)2021-06-09T14:18:30
units_soldNumber of units sold for a product100
current_unitsTotal number of units for a product24
sellable_unitsNumber of units available for sale.12
backstock_unitsNumber of Units available in stock. Non12