Inventory Table

This report shows a snapshot of all your inventory. Inventory is aggregated by the Unique Product ID, Batch ID, and Location. Previous sold through batches will appear as well as inventory as it appears on the Inventory Control page of your portal.

Dataset ID: 3bb7a759-d520-4fc9-bd45-f05e34d71eef

Datetime Dataset Last Updated: last_retrieved_timestamp

Unique Composite Key(s): storeid, batch_id, location_id, product_id, state_tracking_id

Upsert Logic: Replace All

Column NameDefinitionExample Output
unit_of_measureUnit of MeasureGRAMS
amountnet weight of the product itself3.5
typeInventory TypeALL
storeidStore ID230
statusInventory StatusAVAILABLE
start_dateIf the invoice is still in draft state, this is the date that the invoiceline was created. If the invoice has been accepted, this is the date and time that inventory was accepted into the dispensary. This field changes only once after the invoice is accepted.2020-11-06T16:12:19
sourceSource of inventory creationSELL_TREEZ
sold_unitsUnits Sold64
returned_unitsUnits Returned0
returned_from_posUnits Returned from POS0
reserved_unitsUnits Reserved0
productnameRaw Product NameTHC DESIGN | 24K | 3.5G FLOWER | 27.07% THC
productbrandRaw Brand NameTHC DESIGN
product_idProduct ID0a1f5bf4-fc23-4f8b-95fc-f2155c00b9ac
packed_and_ready_unitsUnits Packed And Ready0
package_idPackage IDf247d6b7-f466-45e5-bcb8-2c1ff8754938
original_start_dateDate and time that invoiceline was created in the Purchasing module in draft state2020-10-16T14:05:29
location_typeLocation TypeLOCATION
location_nameLocation NameFRONT OF HOUSE
location_idLocation ID2f3df669-a935-11e9-a749-02ba70ae261c
last_user_idLast User ID4748ee91-7ca2-4ab0-b2ba-06bea3a4038c
last_reconciliation_idReconciliation ID57ebbc86-fb8f-489a-854f-6cb1a3c92012
last_location_idLocation ID2f3e1d27-a935-11e9-a749-02ba70ae261c
last_inventory_idInventory ID281d27fd-0340-489a-9c1b-4fb00c485fff
last_actionLast ActionCOMPLETE_SALE
is_sellableIs Sellable? (TRUE = Yes, FALSE = No)TRUE
invoice_line_idInvoice Line IDdde92789-042f-4980-8431-9d79428b50f6
invoice_idInvoice ID2c7fcad9-2c27-42d0-902b-fd0cb1be9912
inventory_typeThe inventory_type field correlates with the inventory type of the storage location where the package is currently stored. Depending on how the location is set up in Treez the value will read MEDICAL, ADULT, or ALL.ALL
idInventory ID0ba4101c-08a5-4c48-88c6-b745a6d9fd27
expiration_dateInventory Expiration DateYYYY-MM-DD
excise_tax_per_unitExcise Tax per Unit4.918195
distributor_idDistributor IDc7d8b4ec-abf2-4482-a74d-0472bfbd6b3a
destroyed_unitsUnits Destroyed0
decision_pending_unitsUnits Pending Decision0
cost_per_unitCost Per Unit18.215538
converted_unitsUnits Converted0
change_quantityQuantity Change1
batch_idBatch ID0PAYR-001
available_unitsCurrent Available Units0
adjusted_unitsUnits Adjusted0
producttypeProduct TypeFLOWER
state_tracking_idState Tracking ID1A40603000067F9000016320
datalake_dateDate that the store was added to the datalake.2021-05-20
merged_product_idselltreez product_id that product has been merged with. This will show up on future records following merger.bf9a2989-a4ed-4e46-88f2-891275aeab9d
accepted_dateThe date that the inventory was accepted into Treez.2020-01-16T07:37:56
product_external_idExternal Product ID associated to the productqwerty0987
product_skuSKU assigned to the productgHi
priceunitPrice for the unit being sold47.5
harvest_dateDate that inventory was harvested2019-07-06T00:00:00
last_retrieved_timestampthe Date–Time we last retrieved data from SellTreez2021-06-09T14:18:30
retail_brandBrand associated with the inventoryBUBONIC
og_productnameThe name of the product that was added to TreezCAKE BATTER 3.5G