Market Data API

What is the Market Data API

For brands and partners who want to query raw anonymized market data, the AskTreez Market Data API is the tool available for use. Powered by a business Intelligence Tool called DOMO, Treez is able to easily administer data in a flexible JSON file so you can freely create your own custom reports. To effectively use this tool, you and your team should have experience using APIs, have knowledge of SQL and using queries, and an understanding of data analytics.

This section of CodeTreez will help you get started using our Data API. If you have questions about the data or your access, please contact [email protected] and one of our support agents will be there to assist you.

How to Use the Inventory Feed table

This is a premium endpoint that has a monthly fee associated with it in order to access the information. The brand/partner will only see stores that have agreed to share their data. The data that is given to partners is limited to the brands that you offer or distribute. This is not to be confused with the Inventory Table available in the Retail API.

Who can access the Market Data API

The Market Data API is typically used by brands to access anonymized store data. If you're interested in accessing the Market Data API, reach out to [email protected] to get the process started! This is a premium endpoint and a cost is associated to access this API.

How to call the Market Data API

In order to access our API, first request a CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET from [email protected], and our Business Development team will start the process of qualifying your organization.

Here is a postman collection you can use to start making calls to the Data API.

Data Availability

The Market Table is updated incrementally throughout the day, while the the Inventory Feed table is update once per day. You can use the last_retrieved_timestamp to check the last time the table was refreshed. If you would like to retrieve all available data on a particular day, we recommend that you start making calls in the afternoon of the following day.